Ni Gusti Agung Putri, known as Agie Purwa, is the creative director and the proud founder of Jasmine Elizabeth shoes. Born in Jakarta, Indonesia, with Balinese heritage, Agie's deep connection to her cultural roots has greatly influenced her creative journey.

For over a decade, Agie has been working alongside fashion designers for renowned fashion brands of America, Europe and across Australia, manufacturing handmade leather shoes, handbags, apparel and accessories at her own workshop.

Discovering that designing and manufacturing handmade fashion pieces from superlative materials to be deeply satisfying, and the desire to merge her love for fashion and her entrepreneurial spirit, Agie started to free rein her own line, Jasmine Elizabeth, named for and after the muse of her daughter.

Inspired by nature, architects, culture and people, Agie infuses glamour, sensuality, and femininity into her designs. Her work is characterized by a fashionable yet sophisticated style that reflects her passion for travel and exploration. With a never-ending travel wish list, she is always seeking new experiences to inspire her work.

Despite her success, Agie remains humble and deeply connected to her roots. Her dedication to her work has earned her a loyal following for Jasmine Elizabeth. Her continues work is a testament to her boundless creativity and her commitment to creating beautiful and meaningful footwear, her dedication is to empowering women through the brand.