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Jasmine Elizabeth is a labour of love, having been established on the vibrantly creative island of Bali in 2015.

The Jasmine Elizabeth woman is dynamic, strong, smart and self-confident. With this idea in mind, the brand was conceived by passionate designer Agie Purwa and her talented, handpicked shoe artisans, to create foot couture for this feminine ideal.

A pair of Jasmine Elizabeth epitomizes the character of this very woman by exquisite craftsmanship, being stylish and chic in design and detail, yet comfortable.

For over a decade founder and creative director, Agie Purwa, has been working alongside fashion designers for renowned fashion brands of America, Europe and across Australia, manufacturing handmade leather shoes, handbags, apparel and accessories at her workshop on Bali.

Discovering that designing and manufacturing handmade fashion pieces from superlative materials to be deeply satisfying, Agie started to free rein her own line, Jasmine Elizabeth, named for and after the muse of her daughter.

Inspired by nature, architects, culture and people, Agie infuses glamour, sensuality, and femininity into her designs. Inspiration is borne from frequent travels to cosmopolitan cities along with her life on Bali, an island with striking landscape, a rich traditional culture and vibrant colours. Agie translates the aesthetics of the island into a wearable art form, without leaving the authenticity of the renowned traditional craftsmanship of her team of cobblers. From sketch to completion, the creativity of the designer and cobblers becomes the most desirable footwear.

It takes two shoe artisans, sixteen hours of labour to fabricate a pair of Jasmine Elizabeth. Ten cobblers work harmoniously at the atelier nestled elegantly on a hidden lane of Bali’s bustling town of Kuta.

The private boutique exemplifies the search for less ostentatious, offering authentic luxury and personalized shopping experience upon request.

Jasmine Elizabeth collections bestow classic sophistication and simple silhouettes, keeping with the brand’s design philosophy ~ sensuality lies in simplicity.

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